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~  Professional References ~
Edward F Thomas, Broker

   "  During my time working on committees, and as President of the Monmouth County Association of Realtors, I've had the opportunity to work with Edward Thomas in his capacity as a member of the Board Grievance Committee, member and Chairman of the MLS Committee, and a Director on the County, State and National Association of Realtors.  He additionally serves as a State Certified Mediator for the Board of Realtors.   There are very few brokers I have had the pleasure of working with who possess the intelligence and integrity of Edward Thomas. "

... Christina "Tina" Banasiak,
2013 President of the New Jersey Association of Realtors
Past President of the Monmouth Ocean County Board of Realtors
2010 Division Officer (Communications) of the New Jersey Board of Realtors

   " Edward Thomas has sold and managed real estate for me since 1991 and has always shown nothing but determination and positive results.    I was an REO manager for Alliance Funding when I first met Edward, and I used him again when I took an asset manager's position with Houlihan Parnes Real Estate.   Edward is smart, up to date, and uses all the tools available to him.   Edward sold one to four family homes, co-ops, condos, mixed use, and commercial properties for me, along with property management. 
    Edward was and is reliable, blunt, and most of all honest.   I would recommend him highly to anyone who has real estate and needs a strong hand to guide them. "

 ...   Very Truly Yours, Jack A. Guberman

" I first met Edward Thomas in 1986 when he was first appointed to the Long Branch City Planning Board, which he continues to serve on today as Chairman of the Board.    In addition to his knowledge of good planning, I have met few people who have the extensive experience in building, design, architecture and business.     He has served on our city's Environmental Commission as chairman and continues to assist the commission today.    When my mother became ill and it was time to sell her home in Deal Park, in addition to simply marketing the property, Eddie was there to assist us in everything including scheduling all inspections, contractor repairs and efficiently delivering all documentation to all parties when needed.  Eddie Thomas is the only broker I would consider using for any real estate needs. " 

... Carl Turner
    Long Branch Planning Department

   " I have lived in Long Branch, N. J. since 1989.   I am senior vice president of a major commercial developer.   I am and have been a member of the Long Branch planning board for the last 20 years and serve as secretary of the board.    I have had the pleasure of serving on the board with Mr. Ed Thomas who is one of the most knowledgeable member of the planning board.    Ed's wealth of information regarding all aspects of the history, past and present, of Long Branch and it's development has been a great asset to both the board and his real estate business.    I would have no reservation in recommending Shoreview Realty to anyone looking for a broker with integrity. "
... Burt Morachnick.

Dear Eddie,

" I want to thank for doing such a great job when we finally decided to sell the Rumson house.  Not sure we could have gone through the whole ordeal without you when it was necessary to sell our Mother's home.  Knowing that it was difficult for us, you were there for us in every way necessary to prepare the house for sale.  You went above and beyond and that made it so much easier for us.  I would recommend you to anyone looking for a competent, honest real estate broker.  Thanks for everything! "

... Carol Thacke

   " We were referred to Edward Thomas of Shoreview Realty by a prior client when it was necessary to sell our Mother's home.   Knowing that it was extremely difficult for us, Edward assisted us in any way necessary to prepare the house for sale.   He organized all of the contractors needed to beautifully prepare the home for sale, and later complete the work necessary to satisfy inspections.   Whenever it snowed, Edward shoveled snow off our walks and spread ice melt after every storm.   He helped winterize certain fixtures throughout the home when needed.   He delivered mail to us that had been left at my Mother's house.   Edward went above and beyond what I believe any other broker would and made the sale of the house so much easier for us.   I would recommend him to anyone looking for a competent, honest real estate broker. "

.. Jayne D. Casey

    "I've known Ed Thomas for over 30 years.   And for over 30 years he has been honest and straightforward, and a pleasure with which to do business."
        ...Thank you,  Michael Booth,  Publisher of the Coaster Newspaper.

" Edward Thomas has been incredibly helpful in selling our home. He saw what needed to be done to make our former home saleable and he *did* it. He took it upon himself to see that our property was manicured and staged, did necessary maintenance on some cement and woodwork, carefully secured our vacant home and, despite the fact that it is located far from his office, checked on it regularly (all without charge, simply a courtesy he extends to all of his clients).  While discussing a sale price, Eddie told us what we needed to know--not what we wanted to hear.  He is familiar with the market and helped us to determine a realistic asking price, which was attractive to potential buyers and agreeable to us. As he is not the type to sugar-coat information, Eddie discouraged us from looking at a few properties we were interested in, pointing out flaws that we did not notice. His honesty and integrity are beyond question. He would prefer to lose a sale and his commission than to sell someone a home that would be unsuitable to their needs.  Our experience with Eddie went far beyond our expectations of a professional transaction and we are extremely pleased that we chose him to work on our behalf.  "

...  Dr. and Mrs. Richard Gray

“ Eddie’s knowledge of the local real estate market is unmatched.  The detail with which he examines a house/property is incredible – if there is a problem, he will find it.  We like the way he points out the negatives as well as the positives of any potential home/property.  He really tries to make sure the home fits the buyer. ”  

... Ralph Primavera

   " Thankfully, I came to Edward Thomas for assistance.  Before then I had been embroiled in a real estate sales transaction for so long (almost one year, if you can believe that),
  that I had come to refer to "it" as "The Never-Ending Closing."
       It wasn't until Eddie and Shoreview Realty came into the picture that the ball really got rolling and the property ultimately did close, but I truly feel that the mess I was in would have never been resolved without Eddie's timely,
intelligent, professional, courteous, and patient assistance and workmanship.  Eddie was only a phone call away and was always available, day or evening, to answer any questions or address any issues I had, whatever they might have been.   The Never Ending Closing has left me wary of other realtors, banks, attorneys, and title company's, but know this:  I would not hesitate to utilize the professional services of Edward Thomas and Shoreview Realty in the future and I highly recommend their excellent services for all of your personal and professional real estate needs. "

... Marilyn Manning

    "  Ed was a great mentor to me in the area of investment and real estate management. He is very familiar with REO and property management as well as residential sales and contracts. I still have my real estate sales license in his office and continue to work with him after many years. "

 ... Cary Lazar, 
Realtor at Shoreview Realty Inc.,

    " I've known and worked with Ed Thomas on several projects in the past 10 years or so and have always found Ed to be a consciencious and diligent worker. He is very reliable and has persuasive sales skills If you have needs in the realty marketplace in Monmouth County and locally, Ed Thomas at Shoreview realty is someone you should get to know! "

... Hank Keller, 
VP General Manager at HK Promotional Sales


    " Ed & I work together on the city planning board, a city that recently has undergone a transformation and renaissance in the last 10 years, making the work of the planning board both inspiring, rewarding and interesting. Ed conducts his work, whether for the small project or the largest, with professionalism, compassion for the applicant, and knowledge. His history with the board and the city affords him both a historic viewpoint as well as a current one, all qualities he uses in his work. "

... Esther Cohen, 
President-Tourism Consults & Innkeeper at Cedars & Beeches B & B Inn


    " I am a fellow member of the Long Branch Planning Board, Edward F. Thomas is our Board Chairman and has done an outstanding job working with the public as they present their applications to us. He is fair, conscientious and polite. He has an enormous knowledge of our local history and is dedicated to preserving our community as well as improve it with smart growth. Anyone who should chose to work with Ed as their Realtor will not be disappointed. " 

... Robert Layton, 
Sales Executive/Title Officer Trident Abstract Title Agency, LLC


  "  I have worked with Edward Thomas for more than twenty five years. His real estate expertise has assisted me in both residential and commercial markets for acquisitions, leasing, consultation, and maintenance.   He has always been there to help me with both local and regional real estate opportunities.   Edward is competent, professional, and trust worthy.   I would recommend his services to anyone involved in a real estate transaction large or small. "

 ... John M. Kiely,  President
The J.F. Kiely Companies,   Long Branch, N.J. 07740

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